The Future’s Here: 2000AD Prog 2110 is on sale now

2000AD 2110 - CoverWith a smashing cove from Chris Weston, the final regular issue of 2000AD – Prog 2110 – for 2018 is on sale now, and several of the current stories reach a momentous conclusion.

It all kicks off, however, with Rory McConville and PJ Holden providing some light relief in their “Judge Dredd” story, welcome relief after the grief Mega City-One’s top lawman has faced over the past few issues, as a medical trial goes wrong for one poor sap.

2000AD 2110 - Sniper Elite Resistance PromoWe’re also treated to the finale of Sinister Dexter’s undersea adventure, as they face down the mighty Wharfinger. Steve Yeowell delivers some great art for Dan Abnett‘s story, who’s also the author of “Brink” and Kingdom” for the issue.

Next week, it’s time for the bumper Christmas issue Prog 2111 and it’s looking fantastic. Meanwhile, don’t forget Judge Dredd Megazine 402 is still on sale!

Plus, if you’re looking for a fun stocking filler for the comic lovers in your life, then look no further than Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations, available now – or, for the more serious, adventure fan, the Sniper Elite: Resistance collection, the first of, hopefully, a new line in Battle-inspired titles!

Episodes include:

Judge Dredd » Trial By Fire
Rory McConville (Writer) PJ Holden (Artist) Jim Boswell (Colourist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

Mega-City One, 2140 AD. Home to over 100 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, and only the Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! One citizen finds out that volunteering for medical trials in Mega-City One can have devilish consequences…

2000AD 2110 - Judge Dredd - Trial By FireBrink – High Society (part 11)
by Dan Abnett (Writer) INJ Culbard (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

The late 21st century, and through environmental catastrophe and industrial overload Earth has been reduced to a wasteland. Mankind finally evacuated the planet in 2072 and millions were housed in a number of deep-space Habitats. Bridget Kurtis, investigator with the Habitat Security Division, was involved in a sect-crime case that saw her partner murdered. Now, she’s gone undercover on Yuliya Habitat…

2000AD 2110 - Brink - High Society (part 11)

Sinister Dexter – The sea beneath the city (part 2)
by Dan Abnett (Writer) Steve Yeowell (Artist) John Charles (Colourist) Ellie De Ville (Letterer)

Gun-sharks Finnigan SINISTER and Ramone DEXTER are the best triggers money can buy in the future city of Downlode. Having whacked Holy Moses Tanenbaum, a ganglord from an alternate dimension whose presence threatened the fabric of reality, they’ve found killing him reset the continuum, meaning no one knows who they are, apart from hacker Billi Octavo. Now, they’re getting back to business, working for the Lizard King..

2000AD 2110 - Sinister Dexter - The sea beneath the city (part 2)

Kingdom – Alpha and Omega (part 11)
by Dan Abnett (Writer) Richard Elson (Artist) Abigail Bulmer (Colourist) Ellie De Ville (Letterer)

Earth, the far future. Mankind has been all but destroyed, those still surviving forced into hiding by Them — insectile creatures that have taken over the world. Charged with protecting humanity are genetically engineered dog-soldiers like Gene the Hackman — savage warriors that patrol the wilderness. Now, Gene, fellow Aux Pause and human Leezee Sower have escaped the Masters’ orbital and crash-landed back on Earth…

2000AD 2110 - Kingdom - Alpha and Omega (part 11)

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