Charity Auction offers 30 comic artworks by Bisley, Jock, McCrea and many more

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Simon Bisley

Lobo art by Simon Bisley

The latest People First Merseyside Charity Auction, which ends Saturday 8th December, is offering 30 unique pieces of original comic art from some of the top names in comics to raise money for people with learning difficulties.

Pieces on offer range from DC Super Heroes to Marvel Super Heroes, from 2000AD to VIZ, and from Doctor Who to Star Wars.

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Cam Kennedy

Art by Cam Kennedy

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Alex Maleev

Art by Alex Maleev

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Brett Parson

Art by Brett Parson

People First Merseyside , which launched back in 1988, is registered charity and a limited company, an organisation for people with learning disabilities, managed by people with learning disabilities.

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Duncan Fegredo

Art by Duncan Fegredo

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Jock

Art by Jock

The artworks for the auction have been drawn on the blank cover variants of various comics. Each one is a completely unique one of a kind original piece of artwork by professional comic book artists and would make an amazing gift for any comics fan.

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Christopher Jones

Art by Christopher Jones

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by John McCrea

Art by John McCrea

People First Merseyside Charity Auction - art by Mike Collins

Art by Mike Collins

The artists involved are: Simon Bisley, Dan Brereton, Nick Brokenshire, Mark Buckingham, Mike Collins, Boo Cook, Jonathan Edwards, Hunt Emerson, Duncan Fegredo, Cully Hamner, John Higgins, Kev Hopgood, Frazer Irving, Jock, Christopher Jones, Cam Kennedy, Roger Langridge, David Lloyd, Brendan McCarthy, John McCrea, Luke McGarry, Jim Mahfood, Alex Maleev, Brett Parson, Sean Phillips, Seth, Declan Shalvey, Simon Thorp and Steve Yeowell.

Paul Dawson, who has put this auction together, hopes there will be something for everybody in the mix.

“I have loved comic books for as long as I can remember, he says, “and I decided to try to use some blank comic book sketch covers from my collection to try and give something back to People First Merseyside.

“When the first artist said yes I was blown away and that feeling never went away as more and more artists said yes.

“I never expected to get as positive a response as we ended up with and I cannot thank the artists who’s work I love enough for taking time out of their schedule to help People First Merseyside.”

• The auctions will be running until Saturday 8th December 2018, so if you have your eye on something put your bid in soon!

• You can see all the covers here and you can find the links on which to bid by visiting this page

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