This week’s searches on included…

In order of most searched terms:

– 1 “web site” (why would so many people search a web site for “web site”)
– 2 “Hilary Duff” (This is a comics site, people. Is Hilary Duff doing comics? I don’t think so)
– 3 “petta” (were they looking for PETA or jazz singer Sherry Petta?)
– 4 “Alan Moore” (I haven’t got him)
– 5 “Captain Britain” (Doesn’t Alan Davis have shares?)
– 6 “Carrie” (I haven’t got her, either, though I’m guessing they mean the adult comic character)
– 7 “comic art” (Yes, I have lots of that. Enjoy!)
– 8 “Garth” (write to the Daily Mirror and demand they bring him back!)
– 9 “how to build a fighting robot” (OK, I did some stuff on Titan’s Robot Wars magazine…)
– 10 “Knockout (Fab comic!)

Strangely, the one thing that has been most search for on my site for ages – a ringtone based on the theme music to “On White Horses” doesn’t figure, which is just typical since I’ve added some direct links on my search page.

Sheesh! There’s no second guessing some people.

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