Time’s Almost Up for There’s No Time Like the Present

tntltp12.gifPart 12 of Paul Rainey’s comic, or serialised ‘graphic novel’, There’s No Time Like The Present is now available priced £2.50.

“It’s an exciting issue because it’s the penultimate part to the story that I began back in 2004,” says Paul. “Copies are being rolled out to the usual outlets over the next few days for you to buy or you can order directly from me by going to my website and using Paypal. Alternatively, you can contact me by email for other methods of payment.”

Also finishing over the next month or so is Paul’s 2000AD Prog Slog Blog: Paul has been reading and (sort of) reviewing every issue of the classic science fiction comic weekly and associated publications published between numbers 1 and 1188. If you’ve ever read the comic, or been curious about it then you might want to check out his blog, now at 700 posts, even if it’s just to see how this frankly ridiculous project has boggled Paul’s mind!

Once described as “the holy grail of comics”, There’s No Time Like the Present should be ready in time for the first Unicon event at the UniComics Festival, taking place in Hatfield on 24th April 24th.

• More about Paul Rainey and There’s No Time Like the Present on his official web site

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