Titan Comics releases digital “Lost Planet”

Lost Planet First Colony #1

Titan Comics have just released the first digital issue of a comics-exclusive story set in the Capcom’s Lost Planet universe, linking with the launch of the Lost Planet 3 video game In the US and Europe this week.

Written by Izu, with art by Massimo Dall’oglio, coloured by Digikore Studios, this is the first of two digital comics available exclusively on the Comixology app, presenting a terrifying adventure of ice and Akrid, as a mission of interstellar salvage turns into a furious battle for survival.

The ragtag crew of the pirate vessel Crusader have set course for E.D.N. III, looking to pillage these tempting resources, before NeoVenus Construction (NEVEC) can swoop in and reclaim their investment! But E.D.N. III takes coldly to strangers, and the Akrid are ready to welcome them into their fearsome embrace…

Fans of the Lost Planet series, and star-spanning science fiction, shouldn’t miss out on this vibrantly-illustrated, self-contained epic. Who will live? Who will die? And what dark secrets of E.D.N. III will be revealed in the process?

Click here to get Lost Planet: First Colony #1 now for your digital device

Preview Pages…

Lost Planet First Colony Page 1Lost Planet First Colony Page 2Lost Planet First Colony Page 3Lost Planet First Colony Page 4


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