Titan Comics to publish “21st Century Tank Girl” as three-issue mini series

21st Century Tank Girl - Cover A



21st Century Tank Girl - Cover B


Titan Comics are to serialise the Kickstarter-funded  Smash Hit 21st Century Tank Girl, starting in June 2015.

After a break of more than 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett has returned to the iconic character which made his name, which he co-created in the late 1980s with writer Alan Martin, first appearing in Deadline magazine.

Tank Girl quickly became a household name and revolutionized British comics industry and 21st Century Tank Girl, which received over $350,000 in crowdfunding through Kickstarter, reunites the two collaborators for all-new original material.

Titan will publish 21st Century Tank Girl as a three-issue mini-series written by Martin and illustrated by a stellar line-up of stalwarts and newcomers including Philip Bond (Kill Your Boyfriend), Jim Mahfood (Miami Vice), Brett Parson, Jonathan Edwards, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Craig Knowles and more.

• 21st Century Tank Girl #1 comes with two exclusive Jamie Hewlett covers​ (Cover A: order code: APR151703​/Cover B​​​ ​order code: APR151704​)​ and is available to order from​ from your local comic retailer through the​ April ​edition of PREVIEWS. ​

• Official Tank Girl Site: www.tank-girl.com | Facebook | Tumblr (seeking confirmation this is an official site)

• To keep up to date with news about the new series, connect with Titan Comics on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr

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  1. Hope they spell Warwick’s surname right when it’s printed…

  2. Sounds really cool John as a chance arises to witness 21 st century tank girl again. Thanks a lot to the comics creator.

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