Turn your iphone into a light saber

Warning: video above includes swearing…

If there was ever a reason to buy an iphone, surely the PhoneSaber app is it, now available free from the Apple “App Store”.

This fun little app fires up a virtual lightsaber that uses the iPhone accelerometer to crackle and fizz as you swish your phone around.

For Star Wars fans this is possibly the greatest technological event of the year… and with tongue in cheek, the sugust techie organ ITPro has declared “this alone proves that the iPhone is an elegant device for a civilized age, rather than the crude mobiles that most people have by their sides.”

Apart from the demo above, here’s a video I found on flickr of another Star Wars fan enjoying their find — part of a continuing series, apparently.

Alternatively, how about a much more useful application: iBeer. Sadly, virtual…

Categories: Digital Media, Star Wars

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