Tube Surfing: 23 July 2008

Two DVD releases coming soon from the worlds of Gerry Anderson are worth a mention. The last of the major Anderson productions to reach UK DVD, the 1969 live action feature film Doppelganger, will be released under its American title of Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun on 8 September. Doppelganger was very much the prototype for the UFO TV series which made use of much of its hardware. The other Anderson release is the complete Thunderbirds TV series on Blu-Ray on 15 September. This will be the first time that any of the Anderson titles has been released in a high definition format although the 4:3 format of the originals will probably be zoomed and otherwise reformatted for 16:9 widescreen.
Buy Journey to the Far Side of the Sun from (Region 2)
Buy the Thunderbirds Blu-Ray set from
Buy Journey to the Far Side of the Sun from (Region 1)

The second Hillhead Comic and Toy Fair of 2008 will take place in Hillhead Library, Glasgow on Saturday 6 September starting at 11am and running to 3pm. Entry is free and there are more details on their Myspace page.

The special Virgin Dan Dare hardback which reprints the first three issues of the seven issue limited series is now in the shops. This should not be confused with the full version of the story which will be released as a graphic novel in October. The seventh and final part of the Garth Ennis/Gary Erskine title is available from this week and it is a double issue.

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