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This astonishing original artwork for the first volume of As de Pique (“Ace of Spades”) by the brilliant artist and writer Juan Gimenez, re-released in 1988, is one of many of artworks by the artist for sale via corner4art.com. Be warned, though – it has a hefty price tag!

Set during During World War Two, in the acclaimed series ten crew members of a Boeing B-17 experience the intensity of the conflict firsthand. Their fears, dreams, memories, and desires come to light amidst epic aerial battles, revealing the most human side of war.

As de Pique, a series that solidified the legacy of the legendary Argentinian artist Juan Gimenez, is nowadays considered a classic of the Ninth Art. It was initially created in 1977, to be published in the Argentine magazine Skorpio.

It was also published later in Spain, in Illustración and Comicx Internacional by Toutain,who reissued the series in a collection of comics, launched in 1988.

Spanish publisher Dolmen brought back the series in a single volume in 2009, but, strangely, given its content, never appears to have been published in English.

Juan Gimenez was an Argentinian comic book artist and writer, based in Spain, most recognised for his trademark intricate artwork, evoking mechanical designs. Born in 1943 in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, he went on to produce works such as Gangrène, Question of Time, The Fourth Power, Leo Roa and, of course, The Saga of the Meta-barons, among others.

Gimenez was heavily influenced by science fiction and fantasy, and his stories often dealt with themes of war and military paraphernalia.

His work was recognised with several awards, including the Grand Prize for Best Album at the Angoulême International Comics Festival for “The Fourth Power” in 1990.

Sadly, we lost him in April 2020, victim, along with many others, to COVID.

Juan Giminéz official website is still live at juangimenez.com, with the blessing of his widow

More art by Juan Giminez for sale here on corner4art.com

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