Will Eisner film at Film Festival

Will Eisner film posterThe indie film Will Einser: Portrait of a Sequential Artist will screen at the Rhode Island International Film Festival this Wednesday at 2:30pm at the Columbus Theater in Providence.

I’m looking forward to seeing this when it reaches the UK – one for the Birmingham International Comic Show perhaps? I was privileged to meet Eisner at Raptus back in 2003 and have always admired his work, although more the non-Spirit material such as A Contract with God. (I almost fell off my chair when he phoned me in the run up to the Festival – one of the rare times I’ve felt star struck). An unassuming but outstanding talent in the world of comics, he was open to new ideas for developing new audiences. We even talked briefly about mobile comics, and he was very interested in the whole concept.

This film has been a while in the making. There’s a trailer and more info about the film up on the Montilla website: www.montillapictures.com

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