Will You Be Joining Commando comic’s Press Gang?

Here’s the latest Commando release information from DC Thomson for Issues 4971 – 4974, going on sale Thursday 1st December 2016.

It’s of course entirely coincidental one edition out this week is titled “Press Gang”, just as DC Thomson issues a recruitment ad for their Heritage Brands. 

If you’re interested in a career in comics, the company is currently advertising for a journalist position on their boys comics, which includes Commando. Applications must be submitted by 16th December and full details of the position can be found here.

Commando Issues 4971: Island of Last Hope
Story: Shane Filer
Art: Muller
Cover: Ian Kennedy

In 1938, Germany invaded Poland… but Poland did not give in without a fight.

Captain Micha Polanski and the Polish Air Force fought valiantly against the might of the Luftwaffe. But when his brother was slaughtered, Micha swore vengeance against the plane that cut him down, the plane that bore the symbol of a Black Eagle and Swastika.

Micha was sent to Britain to continue the fight against Nazis, but he still hoped he would see that plane again and avenge his brother. As for Micha and many other Poles, Britain was wyspa ostatniej nadziei… The Island of Last Hope.

Commando Issues 4972: Stringbag Ace
Originally Commando No 265 (June 1967), reissued as No 935 (May 1975)

Story: Tyson
Art: Peter Ford
Cover: Ken Barr

They said HMS Adventurer was a haunted ship; haunted by a shadowy figure bent on sending the carrier to the bottom with all her planes and crew.

Mystery lights flashed at night to guide enemy bombers to her. Men were struck down in shadowy corners and never knew what hit them. Guns jammed, planes blew up. Death, sudden and baffling, stalked by night along the quiet alleyways of the ship…

And a young flight lieutenant wanted to get his Spitfires and their pilots to Malta in one piece.

“If you’re searching for an outstanding adventure then look no further than this maritime gem,” enthuse the Commando team. “Tyson contrasts the claustrophobic confines of the HMS Adventurer with the endless vistas of the skies to create a tense tale of ships, sabotage and Stringbags.

“To top it all off, this issue boasts a truly dynamic cover, courtesy of iconic and greatly missed Commando artist, Ken Barr. Set at a dizzying angle, it’s a dramatic and exhilarating depiction of aerial action.”

Commando Issues 4973: Mountie Hunter
Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Vincente Alcazar
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Mounties Drew Fraser and Ross McKinley were partners and best friends. But when Drew enlisted in the Canadian Army, Ross was left behind.

However, Mountie life was far from quiet for Ross as the destruction of the war in Europe had extended its deathly claw all the way to Canada. Trains and supply lines were being targeted with ruthless precision, destroying vital supplies for the Allies. So ruthless in fact it spelled only one thing – sabotage!

Hunting the German spies would push Drew to the edge and force him to make the ultimate sacrifice. But a Mountie always gets his man…

Commando Issues 4974: Press Gang
Originally Commando No 2479 (June 1991)

Story: Alan Hemus
Art: Manuel Benet
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Front-line action from the London blitz right through to the final American triumph against the Japanese in the Pacific. Not bad for a man invalided out of the RAF in 1940 and not even in the fighting forces.

But then R.D. Jones was a press photographer and he and his mate Tommy Vidler were a two-man team of war correspondents, risking death to get the news to their readers at home.

“Alan Hemus’ celebration of wartime correspondence is a boyish adventure that runs the full length of the Second World War, from the London Blitz to the final days of the Pacific War,” note the Commando team.

“There is a great array of characters and show stopping set pieces, all brought to life by the dynamic pen of artist, Manuel Benet. Benet is a true Commando comics veteran, still illustrating new issues to this day, so it’s a real joy to be able to share some of his earlier artwork – enjoy!”

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