Wolverine on the BBC

UK digital TV channel CBBC has secured the UK rights to X-Men spin-off animation series Wolverine. First Serve Toonz, a joint venture company between India-based Toonz Animation and First Serve International, has sold the corporation the 26 x 30-minute series.

The show, which is based on the Marvel comic book character, will be broadcast on the BBC children’s strand. The project started six months ago and it is in the pre-production stage with 50 artists working on it, according to P. Jaya Kumar, CEO of Toonz Animation India. In an exclusive chat with AnimationExpress.com, Kumar revealed production work is expected to start from next month and around 200 artists will be involved.

Completion deadline is mid 2008.

“The Wolverine scripts were amongst the best we have ever read and the show promises to be a highly involving experience for the audience,” commented Head of CBBC co-productions and acquisitions Jesse Cleverly. We’re extremely proud to be part of this new animation franchise.”

The link with the BBC has delighted Marvel International president Simon Philips. Describing Wolverine as an iconic character with worldwide appeal he describes a network like the BBC as “a natural home” for the mutant superhero.

Hmm, it all rather sounds as though they’ve replaced Wolverine’s admantium claws that can slice a man in two with butter knives to me!

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