Writer Brandon Seifert latest guest on Doctor Who: Panel to Panel

Brandon SeifertEpisode 118 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel is live and features an interview with comics writer Brandon Seifert.

Brandon joins podcast host Jeremy Bement to talk about his two-part story, The Doctor and the Nurse, also reviewed in the podcast, an Eleventh Doctor tale published back in 2012, drawn by Philip Bond, published by IDW in their Doctor Who #3 and 4.

Doctor Who #3: The Doctor and the Nurse

Doctor Who #4: The Doctor and the Nurse

As a comics writer, Austin-based Brandon is probably best known as the author of the cult favourite medical horror series Witch Doctor published by Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics. He’s currently focusing on his own creations, and developing a variety of new comics, audio drama and prose projects! 

Generally known as a “horror/supernatural writer,” his interests span a bunch of genres — and so do the projects he’s working on.

In addition to Witch Doctor, he and horror maestro Clive Barker co-wrote Hellraiser: The Dark Watch, and he wrote several other Hellraiser comics for BOOM! Studios.

Brandon also developed and wrote The Harvester for Legendary Comics (based on ideas from Legendary CEO Thomas Tull), and developed and wrote Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird for Marvel Comics (based on ideas from classic Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump).

He’s also written The Avengers, Godzilla in Hell, The Fly: Outbreak and a number of other comics.

Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor #3

Doctor Who: Panel to Panel also checks out the latest issue of the Thirteenth Doctor comic from Titan Comics, the latest comics news and more. It’s well worth your listen!

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Brandon Seifert is online at brandonseifert.info | Facebook | Tumblr

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