Young Indy on DVD

George Lucas’ live-action series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume One, the first of three, will finally make its way to Region 1 DVD from Lucasfilm Ltd., CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment on 23rd October, 2007, so assume a Region 2 release must be pretty simultaneous.

The release is surely the first stage in the run up to the new Indy film now in the works. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones first aired on TV in 1992.

The first volume is a 12-disc set which includes seven feature-length episodes and 38 documentaries produced by Lucasfilm’s documentary unit, an historical overview, an interactive game and timeline.

The interviews about the series include chats with luminaries such as US General Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, and Gloria Steinem as well as Deepak Chopra among others.

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