Dan Abnett and Jack Campbell among writers for “Cosmic Powers” SF anthology edited by John Joseph Adams

Cosmic Powers Anthology Cover

Those of you who are looking forward to Titan Comics Lost Fleet: Corsair mini series (out in June 2017), written by Lost Fleet creator Jack Campbell, or are fans of 2000AD writer Dan Abnett‘s work might want to check out Cosmic Powers, a collection of original, epic science fiction text stories, available to order now from a number of different outlets, featuring a cover by Chris Foss.

Editor John Joseph Adams (a two-time Hugo Award winner ) says the anthology is for fans who want a little less science and a lot more action. Inspired by movies like The Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, this anthology features brand-new stories from some of science fiction’s best authors including Dan Abnett, Jack Campbell, Linda Nagata, Seanan McGuire, Alan Dean Foster, Charlie Jane AndersKameron Hurley, and many others.

Dan Abnett is a seven-time New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning comic book writer. He has written over fifty novels, including the acclaimed Gaunt’s Ghosts series, the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies, volumes of the million-selling Horus Heresy series, The Silent Stars Go By (Doctor Who), Rocket Raccoon and Groot: Steal the Galaxy, The Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero, and Embedded, and with Nik Vincent, Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals and Fiefdom.

In comics, he is known for his work for Marvel, DC, Boom!, Dark Horse and 2000AD. His 2008 run on The Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel formed the inspiration for the blockbuster movie. He has also written extensively for the games industry, including Shadow of Mordor and Alien: Isolation. Dan lives and works in the UK with his wife, Nik Vincent-Abnett, an editor and writer of fiction. Follow him on Twitter

Jack Campbell (John G. Hemry), currently working on Lost Fleet: Corsair for Titan, hopes that someday he’ll be able to write space opera even half as well as Leigh Brackett did. He writes the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet series, the Lost Stars series, and the “steampunk with dragons” series The Pillars of Reality. His most recent books are Lost Stars: Shattered Spear, Beyond the Frontier: Leviathan, and The Dragons of Dorcastle. His short fiction includes time travel, alternate history, space opera, military SF, fantasy, and humour.

John is a retired US Navy officer. Being a sailor, he has been known to tell stories about Events Which Really Happened (but cannot be verified by any independent sources). This experience has served him well in writing fiction. He lives in Maryland with his indomitable wife, “S,” and three great kids (all three on the autism spectrum).

John Joseph Adams is the editor of John Joseph Adams Books, a science fiction/fantasy imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He is also the series editor of Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy, as well as the bestselling editor of many other anthologies, including Wastelands and The Living Dead.

Recent and forthcoming books include Cosmic Powers, What the #@&% Is That?, Operation Arcana, and many more. Called “the reigning king of the anthology world” by Barnes & Noble, John is a two-time winner of the Hugo Award (for which he has been a finalist ten times) and a seven-time World Fantasy Award finalist.

John is also the editor and publisher of the digital magazines Lightspeed and Nightmare, and is a producer for WIRED’s The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

• Cosmic Powers, published by Saga Press, will be published on 18th April 2017 and you can buy it here from amazon.co.uk (using this link helps support downthetubes)

• For other outlets and more information about the project, follow this link to the Cosmic Powers web site purchase information page

• More about Titan Comics Lost Fleet: Corsair

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