New graphic novel from Markosia, “Hunter, Hunted”, set to debut at Edinburgh Comic Con

Hunter, Hunted - Cover

On sale next week from Markosia is Hunter, Hunted by GM Jordan and Mick Trimble, and it’s already getting attention and praise in the run up to its launch at Edinburgh Comic Con this coming weekend.

In this new graphic novel, a soldier haunted by his past must survive his present to tackle a future threat.

Janson is not a hero; he is simply a man doing a job that needs to be done.

Hunter, Hunted - Sample Art

Art from Hunter, Hunted by Mick Trimble

In the near future, the United Nations have a new police force, known affectionately as Hunters. Their role is to cross borders bringing to justice criminals once thought to be untouchable.

But what happens when the Hunter becomes the prey?

“Considering the original script was written for Paramount Entertainment in 1990 the graphic novel has not dated and is relevant to the current political landscape,” writes Helen White to us from Boston, who laid her hands on an advance copy and was so enthused she let us know even before the book has been launched.

“The action is still fast paced and the flashbacks handled well, dealing with Scots independence is delicate subject and Jordan makes his feelings on the subject very plain to see.

“This is Jordan’s first comic for Markosia but according to online comments and interviews the Swansong author is planning a major line of steampunk books with the publisher.

“The cover for Hunter, Hunted is glorious and beautifully done. Mick Trimble’s artwork has a very British action adventure comic feel.”

• Written by GM Jordan with art by Mick Trimble, letters by Ian Sharman and edited by Richmond Clements. Hunter, Hunted will be available soon from Markosia – order it now from (using this link helps support downthetubes)

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