Richard Sheaf

Discovering “Orbit Magazine” – Zambia’s unique science and comic magazine

Richard Sheaf has looked at African comics created and packaged in Britain many times on his Boys Adventure Comics blog – but Orbit, a title created for Zambia featuring art wasn’t a title he was familiar with, although it was published in the country in one form or other for forty years.

A Nigerian Comics Mystery: Ron Smith’s “Sister Mercy” (and more)

Nigeria is currently enjoying a growing comics industry of its own, with numerous publishers creating both print and digital titles, such as Comic Republic, Vortex Comics and YouNeek Studios– and Lagos Comic Con, taking place this weekend, is proving increasingly… Read More ›

Comics Collectable Spotlight: Author Denis Gifford – The Auction Catalogues

Following on from John Freeman’s interview with comic collector extraordinaire Peter Hansen Richard Sheaf highlights some of the auction catalogues that were produced for the liquidation of comic creator, collector and author Denis Gifford’s collection, back in 2001.

In the Spotlight: Marvel UK’s European Comic Reprints

Over on his Boys Adventure Comics Blog, downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf has highlighted the inclusion of a strip from Le Lombard‘s Franco-Belgian Tintin comic magazine in a short-lived Marvel UK comic. It’s an example of European reprint by the company,… Read More ›

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