Tube Surfing: Auction highlights, 100 years of DC Thomson comics celebrated, new “Cerebro” fan group launched

A quick round-up of comic-related news items spotted around the web, from comic auctions to a new X-Men British fan group…

Last weekend’s Dundee Courier Weekend magazine (dated 18th September 2021) included a three-page article about the first DC Thomson comics, 100 years on, by Norman Watson, the DC Thomson historian.

The launch of DC Thomson’s boys’ papers in September 1921 led to the creation of a new department on the second floor of the firm’s Albert Square headquarters in the centre of Dundee.

Contact the Courier if you want to order a physical copy by post, or read it online here.

Adventure No. 1, cover dated 17th September 1921. The story paper proved a runaway success.Copyright DC Thomson
Adventure No. 1, cover dated 17th September 1921. The story paper proved a runaway success.Copyright DC Thomson

• Talking of British comic history, downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf has just updated his guide to the tie-in merchandise licensed from the Eagle companion comic Swift, complementing his guide to the title’s spin-off annuals. New finds include a piece of promotional merchandise for newsagents, adding to a growing list of comic curios.

• As usual, this week’s Catawiki International Comic Art Auction is crammed with great art from around the globe, and there’s art from usual suspects Modesty Blaise”, by Neville Colvin, and a page of Robot Archie”, from Lion, by Ted Kearon, included. The auction, comprising over 100 artworks including a sketch by Moebius, closes on Thursday 23rd September 2021, at 7.00pm.

• Finally for this round up, if you’re a longtime X-Men fan, Junior Jones – the editor of IndyMaghas created a new Cerebro fanzine group on Facebook for all those X-Fans still wishing to live in the 1970/80s. “The aim is to bring together as many hatchlings as possible,” he tells us, “and hopefully create a tribute magazine for people to share their love.”

Cerebro fanzine group on Facebook

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