In Pictures: Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum

Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition

Following up on our earlier report on an appearance by TV, audio producer and publisher Jamie Anderson and comic artist Lee Sullivan at the Cartoon Museum next month, here’s a quick “tour” of their current “In Focus” Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition, courtesy of Richard Sheaf.

Gerry Anderson and his team, including his then wife, Sylvia, revolutionised the world of puppetry with his advanced technique of Supermarionation in the 1960s, but his innovation didn’t stop there. To capitalise on the nationwide obsession with this new and interesting style of television, the weekly comic in a newspaper format, TV Century 21, was launched.

The “In Focus” Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition at London’s Cartoon Museum takes visitors back in time to a more magical period of retro-futuristic glitz, glamour and adventure, showcasing classic comic artwork based on the worlds of Gerry Anderson.

All photos below are by Richard Sheaf, except where indicated in the caption.

  • Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition 3rd March – 4th June 2023, The Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1A 3AE
  • Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition 3rd March – 4th June 2023, The Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1A 3AE
  • Art for "Twizzle and the Hungry Cat" one of four hardback books published relating to this early Anderson show. The identity of the artist is unknown
  • "The Worlds of Gerry Anderson" art by Bill Mevin (1927 - 2019) for Comics International, 2006
  • "Thunderbirds" art by Frank Bellamy (1917 - 1976) for TV Century 21, published in 1967
  • "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" by Ron Embleton (1930 - 1988), for TV Century 21
  • This iconic "Captain Scarlet" art by Mike Noble (1930 - 2018) is actually a recreation of the original TV21 cover, released as a limited edition print in 2004
  • Pencil sketch of Captain Scarlet by Mike Noble for Big Chief figure box (2017)
  • Space: 1999 Look-In cover by Arnaldo Putzu (1927 - 2012), published in 1975. It's believed many Look-In covers were sold to Italian collectors when Fleetway's archive was auctioned off
  • "Terrahawks", drawn by Jim Baikie (1940 - 2017), for Look-In, published in 1983
  • "Into Infinity" art by Rob Moran, a private commission by Shaqui le Vesconte, included in the presentation of the one-off 1976 special on "The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson" DVD
  • 1982 Thunderbirds concept art by Kevin O'Neill (1953 - 2022), for a proposed new Thunderbirds series Gerry Anderson hoped Matchbox would fund
  • Vivid Imaginations Gerry Anderson models on display
  • SPV model. Photo: Andrew Donkin
  • Stingray model

If you get chance to see it, this micro exhibition is a great opportunity to relive the nostalgia of crowding around worn-out comics and dodgy TV sets, and to pay homage to the man who raised generations of children from the 1960s to the 2000s on tales of science fiction and intrigue.

The Museum is also stocking a great range of related Anderson merchandise in their shop.

Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Exhibition runs until 4th June 2023, The Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1A 3AE | Web:

• “Futures Past” – A Journey Through the World of Gerry Anderson’s Comics: Featuring Lee Sullivan and Jamie Anderson 6.00 – 8.00pm Thursday 1st June 2023 The Cartoon Museum, 63 Wells St, London W1A 3AE

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