Adventure Time Signing at Forbidden Planet London announced

Actor Jeremy Shada. Photo: Darren Michaels

Actor Jeremy Shada. Photo: Darren Michaels

Actor Jeremy Shada will be at Forbidden Planet London for a special Adventure Time signing featuring the Adventure Time Encyclopaedia on Monday 30th December from 3 – 4pm.

Finn from Adventure Time

Finn from Adventure Time

The voice of young adventurer Finn from Cartoon Network’s hugely popular, BAFTA-winning animated series Adventure Time, Jeremy Shada has been living and working in Los Angeles since the age of five. Past television series include Cartoon Network’s Incredible Crew, Shark, Stacked, The Loup and Lost.

He’s also worked on Team America, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Penguins of Madagascar and Bambi.

Written and compiled by Martin Olson, the voice actor who portrays the Lord of Evil himself, The Adventure Time Encyclopedia matches the playful and thoughtful tone of the series, detailing everything anyone will ever need to know about the land of Ooo and its colorful inhabitants. The Adventure Time Encyclopedia also features spells, fun places to visit in Ooo, how to make friends and how to avoid your enemies. There’s also hand-written marginalia by Finn, Jake and Marceline.

Adventure Time EncyclopeadiaCreated in conjunction with Cartoon Network Enterprises, the book also features original illustrations by Renee French, Tony Millionaire, Celeste Moreno, Aisleen Romano, and Mahendra Singh, and was designed by Sean Tejaratchi, with original content from the show’s creator, Pendleton Ward.

Titan Comics, also part of the Titan Entertainment Group that owns Forbidden Planet, publishes the Adventure Time comic in the UK.

Full details of Forbidden Planet London’s Adventure Time signing here

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