Artist Spotlight: Captain Scarlet by Graeme Neil Reid

If you’re a Captain Scarlet fan, then you may be interested in some merchandise from illustrator and comic creator Graeme Neil Reid, offered on his RedBubble Store – utilising the Print on Demand company’s Fan Art Program.

Artist Spotlight: Captain Scarlet by Graeme Neil Reid
Artist Spotlight: Captain Scarlet by Graeme Neil Reid

Redbubble’s Fan Art Program allows artists to submit art based on a license character or show that they’d not normally be allowed to use, and Captain Scarlet is among them.

“The program doesn’t have that many licenses available and some of the ones on offer seem a bit random,” says Graeme, “but there are a few that I thought I might take a look at.”

Other properties that are part of the Fan Art Program are Alfred Hitchcock, Back to the Future, Dune (2021), Jaws, Jurassic World, The Prisoner, Space: 1999, Star Trek, Thunderbirds and Gerry Anderson’s UFO.

All of these licensed properties come with guidelines that you have to adhere to, and in many cases you can’t use actor likeness or they even just supply you assets to use. For Graeme, some Captain Scarlet art he had created fulfilled the guidelines, with a bit of modification, and has been approved for sale.

Check out Graeme Neil Reid’s Captain Scarlet items here on Redbubble – and of course there are my own pieces there which you can take a look at, too

• Graeme Neil Reid  is an artist and illustrator who you can support on Patreon and find online at and can follow on Instagram or Facebook  – and you can even go watch him painting over on his YouTube channel

Check out the Redbubble Fan Art Program here

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