Star Trek #400 hits comic shops next week, just ahead of Star Trek Day, online exclusive cover revealed

US comics publisher IDW has been the proud home to Star Trek comic books and graphic novels since 2007, and is celebrating a significant milestone in the history of licensed Star Trek publishing next week, with the release of Star Trek #400 – an oversized, 64-page comic book special.

Commemorating the publisher’s 400th issue exploring the final frontier, the release comes just ahead of this year’s Star Trek Day, on Thursday 8th September,

This 400th issue highlights fan-favourite eras of the acclaimed series, a collection that brings comics veterans together in an equal celebration of IDW’s Star Trek comics past and future.

Join little Keyla Detmer – as seen in Star Trek: Discovery: Adventures in the 32nd Century #3 – on a new expedition, visit the Kelvin Universe, be moved by a heartfelt tale of Wesley Crusher as a Traveller by The Next Generation’s very own Wil Wheaton, and more, from Chris Eliopoulos, Declan Shalvey and Mike Johnson, with art by Luke Sparrow, Seth Damoose, Megan Levens, Angel Hernandez, and Joe Eisma.

Plus, take a journey through Star Trek comics of yesteryear with historian Rich Handley.

The landmark issue is being offered with several variant covers, including an Online Exclusive edition available for pre-order from US publisher IDW here, featuring cover art by Marcus To and Fran Gamboa.

In addition to IDW’s online cover exclusive, Star Trek #400 will be available in comic shops from Wednesday 7th September 2022 with five variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including Cover A by Louie De Martinis, Cover B by JK Woodward, a tribute to multiple incarnations of Spock with Cover C by Megan Levens, Cover D by series artist Angel Hernandez, and a special retailer incentive cover illustrated in Star Trek: Lower Decks style by Chris Fenoglio.

Star Trek #400 Cover A by Louie De Martinis – order it here from Forbidden Planet (Affiliate Link)
Star Trek #400 Cover B by JK Woodward – order it here from Forbidden Planet (Affiliate Link)
Star Trek #400 Cover C by Megan Levens – order it here from Forbidden Planet (Affiliate Link)
Star Trek #400 Cover D by Angel Hernandez – order it here from Forbidden Planet (Affiliate Link)
Star Trek #400 special retailer incentive cover illustrated in Star Trek: Lower Decks style by Chris Fenoglio

Star Trek has never been more popular than right now,” notes editor Heather Antos. “To have the honour of celebrating 400 issues of comic book history fall on Star Trek Day itself is kismet – as well as being able to share the page with Trek fan favourite Wil Wheaton himself, alongside some of the franchise’s most impactful creators.

“From honouring stories that have come before, to teasing comics that boldly go where no one has gone before, there is sure to be a Star Trek story in this collection for every fan.”

“It’s been an honour to contribute to IDW’s monumental achievement in publishing 400 issues of new Star Trek stories,” says Mike Johnson. “Thanks to all the fans who keep Trek comics flying!” “Many of the great Star Trek stories are made up of small stories about how their characters relate to each other,” enthuses Angel Hernandez.

“These writers are experts at narrating such special moments, and I’m lucky enough to be able to draw them! A true fan shouldn’t miss this.”

Star Trek Day 2022

Star Trek Day is a global live-streamed event taking place on Thursday 8th September at 12PM PT/ 3PM ET. Tune in live for an event full of surprise announcements, back-to-back conversations with Star Trek casts – and an unforgettable tribute to the late legend Nichelle Nichols, along with exciting announcements and reveals throughout.

The live-streamed celebration and additional information on Star Trek Day programming and initiatives can be found at

The event marks the debut of Star Trek on US television on 8th September 1966, with the screening of “The Man Trap,” the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. On that day, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry introduced audiences to a world that championed diversity, inclusion, acceptance and hope. Fifty-six years later, Paramount+ is honouring this important day and the franchise’s enduring legacy with the service’s third annual Star Trek Day celebration, providing fans with a memorable way to enjoy and celebrate all things Star Trek.

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