Avengers UK Assemble! (Sort of…)

Avengers  UK Volume 2 Issue 1 - Fan Project

Avengers UK Assemble! Well, a fan version of the Avengers UK, anyway. The Avengers UK fan project is a not for profit, web-only comic from Darren Wilson, with a snappy script and enthusiastic artwork, now in its second volume and opening with a twelve page story that guest stars Ghost Rider.

The pitch? “The greatest heroes from the British corner of the Marvel Universe unite to fight evil and discuss the weather,” says Darren. “See spectacular battles, amazing abilities and standards of queuing up in a way that only residents of the UK can truly achieve (except maybe not the last one).”

With a logo designed by Iskander Islam and a project design that’s a tip of the hat to the old Marvel UK landscape comics first published in the 1970s, the story offers appearances by Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Motormouth and even Shang Chi. All great fun and totally free.

Catch up on all the previous episodes here on the Avengers UK Facebook Page. Here’s some pages form the latest issue…

Avengers  UK Volume 2 Issue 1 - Fan Project - Page 1

Avengers  UK Volume 2 Issue 1 - Fan Project - Page 2

Avengers  UK Volume 2 Issue 1 - Fan Project - Page 3The Avengers and other characters © Marvel Comics and other characters © respective companies

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