Blogging from space

This has nothing to do with comics but definitely worth a mention — in terms of potential bragging this one pretty much tops several list.

Blogging from space.

Private space tourist Anousheh Ansari – a Star Trek fan, by the way – posted several items to her blog from the International Space Station while in orbit:

E-mail is set in batches from the ISS three times a day so there was no opportunity for “real-time” reportage, but the blog must surely be a bit of a first for Netizens.

In one of her final entries from orbit the Iranian-born Ansari writes of her experience and feedback from readers:

“My trip is coming to an end but my dreams have just started.

“You tell me in your messages that I have inspired you… Well I have to admit you all have inspired me right back… Every time I feel like I’m drowning in the sadness of my departure from the space station, I try to reach for one of your messages and pull myself out and look forward to what we can all do together.”

Yep, that sounds like a Star Trek fan to me — and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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