Comic Art Auction Spotlight: Sam Glanzman’s “Haunted Tank”

Leave it to Sam Glanzman, championship realist among DC’s war-comics crew, to capture an essence of heroism-under-fire in the simplest of short-story vignettes for G.I. Combat #280.

G.I. Combat #280: "Prize Shot”, published by DC Comics in 1985G.I. Combat #280: "Prize Shot”, published by DC Comics in 1985

In this complete three-page Story, “Prize Shot”, published by DC Comics in 1985, a lull in combat finds a member of the Haunted Tank crew relaxing at a village fair in France. An ironic opening in a make-believe shooting gallery gives way to a real-life siege atop a rollercoaster, with a Nazi bombardment closing in. Brilliant work from one of the best-of-the-best artists.

The art sold for just over $200 on Heritage Auctions just before Christmas.

Sam Glanzman, who died in 2017, was a professional illustrator and writer. Self-taught, Sam did freelance work for comic book companies and other publishing entities including DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Charlton Comics, Outdoor Life magazine, and many others.

A number of his creator-owned projects and classic works are now being re-published by Drew Ford at US publisher It’s Alive, including Red Range and Voyage to the Deep.

Red Range: Pirates of FireworldIn 2019, Drew will be using Kickstarter to publish Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld by Keith Lansdale and Jok LP, a continuation of the “weird western” created by Joe Lansdale and Sam Glanzman. E-mail to be on Super Early Bird Specials list for more information.

• Heritage Auctions regularly offers art by Sam Glanzman and many other comic creators |

• Find out more about It’s Alive at | Facebook | BigCartel

Read Thom Glanzman’s tribute to his father

G.I. Combat copyright DC Comics – art spotted on Heritage Auctions by Ernesto Guevara

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