Brian Bolland “MACH 1” 2000AD cover art on offer for £6000, but concerns raised over sale

2000AD Prog 16 - Cover Art by Brian Bolland

Please note this story has been updated to reflect information on the artwork from its artist, Brian Bolland.

Thinking about blowing your entire comic collecting budget (and then some) for the whole of 2019 today? Well, the opportunity is here on eBay with Brian Bolland‘s cover for 2000AD prog 16, finishing at lunchtime today.

The opening bid you’ll need? £6,000 – happy 2019, people!

2000AD Prog 16 - Cover by Brian Bolland

In contrast, a copy of the actual Prog might fetch you back between £5 – £15, depending on condition – here’s one for sale from Silver Acre Comics, also on eBay.

For sale is the original “MACH 1” story-inspired artwork by Brian Bolland for the front cover 2000AD Prog 16 – one of several he provided in the early days of the weekly comic. All art is hand drawn except for main logo, the Top Thrill MACH 1 logo and some Letraset work on the smoke coming from plane engine.

The seller states the art, measuring 520mm (20.5”) by 390mm (15.5”), is in great condition. “It has never been displayed and is still in its plastic cover wrapped by the studio back in 1977. It has been stored in a portfolio since 1990 and forms part of my private collection.”

But a word of caution: downthetubes understands that Brian himself is on the hunt for his early 2000AD work, which was stolen and resold without his knowledge. He has confirmed via a fellow artist that this one of the contested artworks and is now aware of this auction.

We wish to make it absolutely clear that there is no suggestion the current owner is aware of this issue or involved in any previous handling of the art. We have contacted the seller via eBay’s systems to make them aware of Brian’s concerns.

Brian Bolland is of course regarded as one of the definitive Judge Dredd artists for 2000AD, who spearheaded the ‘British Invasion’ of the American comics industry.

He remains in high demand as a cover artist, producing the vast majority of his work for DC Comics.

All original Brian’s 2000AD artwork that has been legitimately on the market with his blessing at one time or another is retrospectively signed by Brian himself in red ink.

Brian’s signature, added retrospectively, to legitimate 2000AD artworks sold with his blessing
Brian’s signature, added retrospectively, to legitimate 2000AD artworks sold with his blessing

Anything minus this particular mark is a piece that was never returned to him upon request and has since been sold on either by naively unknowing or deliberately unscrupulous third parties without his permission.

The 2000AD Prog 16 artwork lit is here on eBay

Brian Bolland 2000AD Cover Gallery on Barney

2000AD Prog 16 copies on offer on eBay

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