Comicraft’s Richard Starkings – writer, editor, publisher and letterer – is the latest “Last Geek in Space”

Last Geek in Space - Richard Starkings

Last Geek in Space is a gem of a podcast with the emphasis on British comic creators, available over Spotify and through numerous podcast players, put together by editor and writer Alan Cowsill – and the latest episode features writer, editor, publisher and letterer Richard Starkings, a veteran of the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Richard talks to host Alan about his career – including his time at Marvel UK, becoming a pioneer of comic book lettering, the writer and publisher of Elephantmen, his move to Comixology with Ask for Mercy. He also elects his all time favourite comics, artwork and books.

Catching up with many Marvel UK mates an more, Alan Cowsill has recently interviewed creators such as artist, writer and convention organiser Shane Chebsey, Cartoon Museum team members Mark Stafford and Steve Marchant, artist Lucy Sullivan, former 2000AD editor Steve MacManus, X-Men artist Monty Nero, Grant Perkins, Peter Hogan and many more.

Richard Starkings is the Eisner Award-nominated creator/writer of Image Comics’ Elephantmen and founder of Comicraft, who should need no introduction to most downthetubes readers. Aside from his own incredible creations, he’s been involved in Doctor Who comics since the mid-1980s, with Comicraft providing the lettering for all of Titan’s Doctor Who comics,.

In season one of his fantasy horror comic, Ask For Mercy, with art by Abigail Jill Harding, mild-mannered real estate agent Mercy discovered there was far more to her potential when she is snatched into World War Two to hunt Nazis and other monsters in “The Key To Forever“. In season two, “The Heart of the Earth“, the intrepid team of monster hunters are summoned by a Lakota shaman to deal with the American soldiers and other monsters intent on driving the people of the Black Hills out of their homes.

Ask For Mercy Season Three #1

Launched last August season three, now complete zoomed into the not-so-distant future of 2023 and the very present 2020, where we find Mercy and the crew navigating an alien invasion apocalypse in “A World of Disquiet“.

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Comic Book Lettering: The Comicraft Way

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