Brian Bolland’s iconic New York “Forbidden Planet” art up for sale

BritComicsArt – which sells the work of a wide range of comic creators – is currently offering the original Pen and ink advert by Brian Bolland for the New York City branch of Forbidden Planet, which opened in 1981.

Brian Bolland's iconic New York "Forbidden Planet" art

The original advert for Forbidden Planet London, also by Brian, was hugely popular and he was commissioned to create a new one for the new branch in New York City. It reprised the “People like us..” line from the 1st London advert.

Like the London ad it has been used on various bags, t-shirts and other merchandise over the decades and is well recognised by visitors to the New York store.

Measuring 12 x 16 inches in size, the artwork comes from Brian’s personal collection and BritComicsArt are taking offers until 23 May 2021, with best offers at over £15,000.

"People Like Us" Forbidden Planet London Ad (1978) by Brian Bolland
“People Like Us” Forbidden Planet London Ad (1978) by Brian Bolland

As well as art by Brian, BritComicsArt also sells the art of a many other British comic creators, including Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons, Sean Phillips, Richard Piers-Rayner, Frank Quitely and others.

The first iteration of the “People Like Us” campaign was as an ad for Forbidden Planet London, released in 1978, initially seen in magazine such as Starburst. It continues to be used to this day, offered on merchandise, including t-shirts and prints, on the Forbidden Planet web site.

Offers are being taken until 8.00pm UK time (3pm EST) Sunday 23 May 2021

If a new offer is received within 10 minutes prior to the auction end time BritComicsArt will extend the auction end time by 20 minutes. And again if another offer is received within the final 10 minutes. This will continue until no new offers have been received within 10 minutes of the auction end.

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