Comics and graphic novels in the Resonance FM charity auction

Resonance FM, the London based radio station which Panel Borders is broadcast from, is currently running a fundraiser that’s going on until 21st February.

The Arts Council funding of the station only goes so far (and no programme makers, including Alex Fitch and Marks Pilkington and Stafford, are paid for their time in making shows), so the station has an annual fundraiser the week following Valentine’s Day to raise additional cash for studio refurbishment, new equipment and so on.

Currently on offer: a Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars hardcover omnibus, in which David Lloyd has sketched The Hulk (chosen with thanks for the task, since he drew Hulk Comic back in the late 1970s):

A variety of signed comics, including Batgirl and Firestorm signed by Gail Simone, America’s got Powers signed by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, Bedlam signed by Frazer Irving, The Secret Service signed by Dave Gibbons and more (all in plastic frames):

Bundle 1: (Firestorm / America’s got Powers / The Secret Service)

Bundle 2: (Batgirl / Bedlam / Black Panther / The Hunter)

John Higgins has sketched in a first edition UK TPB of Watchmen (awaiting image as the book is currently somewhere in the post between his home in Sussex and Resonance’s studio in Borough)

An original comic book page from Shoot by Paul Trevillion (Roy of the Rovers) –

Other auction items include:

A fragment of The Wicker

A painting by Pete Fowler (Monsterism) –

…and loads of records, holiday experiences and weird and wonderful items; full list here:

If people would prefer just to donate a few quid via paypal, that’s very much appreciated too, info here:

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