Comix: The Underground Revolution bargain offer from Knockabout

British publisher Knockabout recently unearthed copies of Comix: The Underground Revolution by Dez Skinn (Doctor Who, Warrior) from storage, so you have a chance to get hold of this classic work at a bargain price via their eBay store for the bargain price of just £10.

While mainstream comics have graced newsstands since the 1930s, there has long been an underground comics scene brewing deep beneath the surface. Underground comic books (which took the name “comix,” using the “x” to signify their adult nature) erupted in the 1960s as a reaction to ultraconservative and patriotic comics produced by the large corporations that featured characters like Captain America and Superman.

Bored with moralistic tales, artists such as Robert Crumb, creator of Zap Comix and Fritz the Cat; and Gilbert Shelton, creator of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, produced a new and revolutionary style, freely attacking politicians, the war in Vietnam, and corporate America.

Comix: The Underground Revolution, first published by Quality Communications back in 2004, is an homage to both the motivation and the talent of the artists working then and now in the genre. Beautifully illustrated throughout with original artworks the book graphically expresses a range of attitudes on topics ranging from sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll to politics, big business, and women’s liberation.

This was the first book from the UK to explore the artwork and countercultural legacy of comix, key events in the history of this medium, and biographies of its most influential artists and writers.

The owner and publisher at Quality Communications, Dez Skinn has worked in the publishing industry for over 40 years in the industry (from IPC weeklies Buster, Whizzer & Chips and Cor!! to running Marvel UK and launching such titles as Doctor Who Weekly, Starburst – the world’s longest running SF & Fantasy Film Magazine, Hulk Comic and Hammer’s House of Horror and Warrior) and 16 years editing trade magazine Comics International. Has to date edited over 80 different titles.

Comix: The Underground Revolution 288 pp Hardcover limited first printing. ISBN 9781843402206 Cover price £25 | Get it here for £10 from Knockabout eBay store

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