Crowdfunding Spotlight: Beyond Milford Green

Beyond Milford Green Cover A

Beyond Milford Green Cover A

Samuel George London has just launched his Kickstarter for the sequel to his hugely-popular Milford Green graphic novel – and the Beyond Milford Green campaign looks on course to be as successful as the first, with over £2000 of the £4000 raised.

After the events of Milford Green, Victorian villagers Alfie and Mary find themselves in a spaceship heading to the United Galactic Alliance, where the president of the UGA asks them to go on a peace negotiation mission with the evil Cinux, which will decide the fate of the galaxy.

Will there be peace… or war?

Beyond Milford Green Cover B

Samuel pitches the Milford Green saga – which gained almost double its relatively modest £3000 target for Book One – as a Victorian space opera that will appeal to fans of Valerian or Star Trek. The story centres around socially awkward Victorian inventor Alfie Fairfield, who sees some kind of flying vehicle shoot across the sky and crash land in a field near the sleepy village of Milford Green. Being a curious fellow, interested in any type of machinery, he investigates – to find out that we are not alone in this universe.

Beyond Milford Green immediately follows on from Milford Green, with Alfie and his next door neighbour, Mary,” Samuel explains. “It takes our Victorian villagers into space, which leads them to meet new characters.

Milford Green Spread

“You could describe Milford Green as Victorians versus Aliens, but in Beyond Milford Green, it’s more Victorians working with Aliens,” he told downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf recently.

Comics editor Nicole D'Andria

Comics editor Nicole D’Andria

Mikael Hankonen is returning as our artist, and we have also added an editor to TEAM MG – Nicole D’Andria, the Marketing Director and Submissions Editor at Action Lab Comics, ” he continues. “She edits numerous comics for Action Lab, from Dog of Wonder to Zombie Tramp, and also adapts Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir to comics – and co-writes DollFace.”

Outside of Action Lab, Nicole also writes comic book related articles for Comic Frontline, works as a freelance editor and is currently writing the second issue of her successful Kickstarter comic, Road Trip to Hell.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nicole, to take the Milford Green series to the next level,” says Samuel. “She was exceedingly professional and constructive in editing the script for Beyond Milford Green.”

Beyond Milford Green was a fun book to edit thanks to it being a great sci-fi story,” says Nicole. “The characters are interesting and there are several introduced in this volume that I think readers will enjoy.

“So, if you’re looking for some space adventure in your comics, Beyond Milford Green is the place to get it.”

While Milford Green was just 40 pages long, Beyond is more ambitious, running to 60 pages, and it took three months to write, working with Nicole.

“Before beginning a script, I always try to have an outline using an eight-point story arc, which prevents as many stumbling blocks during the process as possible,” he explains.

Comics for the Apocalypse PodcastAway from the Milford Green project, as if he wasn’t busy enough, Samuel recently launched his weekly Comics For The Apocalypse podcast on iTunes, interviewing interesting guests about what comics they’d take into the apocalypse.

“It’s basically Desert Island Discs – but for comics,” he says, acknowledging the concept is in part inspired by a podcast from Superbob actor Brett Goldstein  called Films To Be Buried With. “It’s a great podcast, and I thought at the start of the year wouldn’t that be cool to have for comics, and I took upon myself to create it.”

The Beyond Milford Green Kickstarter runs through February  and you can back it here

• You can find Samuel George London online at or follow him on Twitter @SamuelGLondon | Comics for the Apocalypse Podcast (iTunes link)

• You can check out more of Mikael Hankonen’s work on his DeviantArt page or follow him on Twitter @yearinhereafter

• Editor Nicole D’Andria is online at | Follow her on Twitter @Comic_Maven

Read Richard Sheaf’s interview with Samuel George London on his Boys Adventure Comics blog

With thanks to Richard Sheaf

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