Daleks and cheetahs, oh my!

erez-2.jpgThe catalogue for the Bonhams Doctor Who auction, which takes place 24th February in London, is now online.

Included in just over 160 lots are a huge range of costumes from modern era stories, including the Doctor’s costumes and outfits worn by Billie Piper, Sophie Aldred and other actors. But collectors are certain to be making the highest bids for original Daleks from classic stories such as Imperial Daleks from Revelation of the Daleks (pictured above), and Remembrance of the Daleks, Cheetah costumes from the final Classic Who story Survival and many more goodies, including a Vervoid monster and Sil.

erez.jpgBonhams is the world’s oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership and the archive of Bonhams Magazine available on this website goes back to the winter issue of 2007. Art historians, historians, and archaeologists will find fascinating articles in the aforementioned issue on craftsman Matthew Boulton, the mystery of the Brontë children, centuries-old dog collars, and the curse of Tutankhamun. Visitors will appreciate the photographs of the artworks and antiques, as they are very vivid and show great detail.

Bonhams previously published an article about Doctor Who in its official magazine , Issue 21, which featured an engaging feature on the series by Benjamin Cook, alongside the publication’s more regular fare of articles on antiques and art (see news story).

• The event details for the auction are here on the Bonhams web site, and the auction itself will be promoted via www.bonhams.com/drwho

View the online catalogue for the Bonhams Doctor Who auction

(Thanks to Norman Boyd for the tip)

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