Harry Brown film writer announces Madam Samurai graphic novel

Modern Samurai issue 1 from Scar ComicsGary Young, writer of UK film box office hit Harry Brown, has announced that his next creative release will be Madam Samurai, a two-volume graphic novel featuring art by Eagle Award Winner David Hitchcock

The first volume is due to be published by Scar Comics in the summer of 2010 and a trailer for the book is available to view and download now here on the SC web site.

The action-adventure story follows a female samurai warrior whose journey brings her to Victorian London on a mission of vengeance.

Madam Samurai began as a one-line pitch devised by film producer Gael McLaughlin,” reveals writer Gary Young, describing how the project started life. “The notion absolutely intrigued me and so we began to develop the idea into a full screenplay.”

“The more the idea grew it became clear that it was way beyond what we had access to in terms of production budget,” he continued. “However, it also became clear to us that this was perfect material for a graphic novel, something I’d always wanted to do having grown up as an avid fan of the medium. We also felt that the book would ultimately help the project to be realised as the film we’d always envisioned.”

Shane Chebsey, the brains behind indie comics distribution service Small Zone and publisher of Scar Comics, whose books include Sardines & Solitude by talented new creator Erol Arguden, soon came on board as publisher and introduced artist David Hitchcock to the project.

modern_samurai_1_scarcomics.jpgp46.jpg“As soon as I read the Madam Samurai script I knew that this was a project I really wanted to be involved with,” he reveals. “The first artist I thought of was David Hitchcock, whose past projects include Springheeled Jack, Whitechapel Freak. His amazing pencil style work already features London in the Victorian era and characters such as Jack the Ripper.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of drawing feudal Japan,” adds David. “It’s required a lot of research but it’s been a delight to draw. The story is so compelling and the characters are so exciting that it’s been a real pleasure to work on.”

Based on the sample page Scar Comics have sent us (above, left, click the image for larger size), this looks to be a brilliant new book, and it’s great to hear that both Gary and Shane’s faith in the project has been reflected in key comics distributor’s decision to support the book.

“We’re delighted that Diamond Distribution will be distributing the book as it allows the story to reach fans on both sides of the Atlantic,” says Shane.

• Madam Samurai: Volume One will be listed in the April 2010 Diamond Previews Catalogue and be available in all good comic shops in June. Keep up to date on the project on its Facebook page

• Madam Samurai Trailer: www.scarcomics.com/trailer.htm

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