DC Thomson, Elstree Studio Productions release Bananaman movie poster


Bananaman Movie Poster


DC Thomson and Elstree Studio Productions have just released the first poster to promote the upcoming Bananaman film, due for release sometime in 2015.

Very little is known about the film, announced back in March, so far – and the official movie web site – www.bananamanmovie.com –  remains pretty bleak.

Created by Steve Bright and writer and editor Dave Donaldson (best known for his work on The Broons) and initially drawn by the late John Geering for Nutty, the official Beano web site describes the quintessentially British Bananaman as the superhero with “the muscles of twenty men, and the brains of twenty mussels”. He’s brave, he’s bold… but he’s not very bright!

Bananaman’s secret identity, when he’s not out flying into action and foiling crafty criminals, is Little Eric Wimp. But, after a ‘nana… FOOM, Bananaman’s ready for action!

Elstree Studio Productions (www.elstreestudioproductions.com) specialises in the financing, development and production of feature films and currently has both Bananaman and Larry and Viv, a Vivien Leigh biopic expected to begin filming earlier this year, written and directed by Michael Radford and produced by the company’s CEO, actor Warren Derosa, in the works.

Larry and Viv centres on what Laurence Olivier went through for his wartime efforts, and draws on private letters he wrote to his son Tarquin, who is executive producing the project. Susan Douglas, who runs the London-based financing, production and online distribution company Double D Productions, is co-producer on that project, but would appear to have no direct involvement with Elstree Studio Productions’ Bananaman project.

The only released projects Elstree Studio Productions list on the Elstree Studios web site are St George’s Day, a crime thriller starring Sean Pertwee and Charles Dance (neither of whom, we suspect, would be right for the role of Bananman) shot on location in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Los Angeles back in 2012; and and Julius Styles – The International, an action/adventure game starring Wesley Snipes which is  available on the Apple iPhone and Android.

Elstree Studio Productions’ Development Executive is Jamie Lorenz, who also runs the FightMe.com video site, and its Financial Director is Scott Holmes.

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