Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Mind Probes ROM artist David Messina

The Ninth Doctor by David Messina

The Ninth Doctor by David Messina

Episode 54 of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel – the podcast run by Jeremy Bement, devoted to all things Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who comics – is available for download.

In this latest issue, he reviews the new 2016 Free Comic Book Day Doctor Who comic from Titan in ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and checks out “The Warkeeper’s Crown” from Doctor Who Magazine #378-380, which featured a guest appearance from UNIT’s Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart.

Along with his news round up, the episode also includes a Q & A session with Italian artist David Messina, whose Doctor Who credits include Prisoners of Time #9, Star Trek, and who is currently working on the new  ROM: The Space Knight for IDW.

A comics as well as Doctor Who fan, you’ll often pick up nuggets about other projects the creators he talks to are are working on – well worth a listen!

Older episodes of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel are archived on the Internet Archive

• Deck out David Messina’s blog here and his tumblr here and follow him on Twitter @da_mess

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