Don’t miss out on STUFF by Phil Elliott

STUFF by Phil Elliott

Stuff is a new 40-page A5 collection of, er, “stuff” Phil Elliott has created over recent years, sketches and comic strips for friends and some for his own amusement, most in colour, some in black and white.

It’s the latest release from Phil, successfully funded through Kickstarter, following up on a number of other great projects lately from the versatile comic artist, whose work spans many different projects down the years, from ESCAPE magazine to The Real Ghostbusters, and, most recently, strips for The77 anthology.

Strip work for STUFF by Phil Elliott

Of what’s included, I think “Stinging Bee“, written by Chris Butler, with great art by Phil, a modern, daft take on worker guilds, is a gem, as is “The Girl from Alpha Centauri”, but it’s also fantastic to see, for example, one of his covers for PUNCH, and more, too.

Art work for STUFF by Phil Elliott

A marvellous mix of quirky comics – both single pagers and short strips – and illustrations, including some of his cover work, only limited copies of Stuff are available, so if you like what you see here, then head over to his official web site and ask him for a copy.

You might also want to commission him to draw something while you’re there – as many of his fans have discovered as a reward for backing his Kickstarter projects, he can turn his hand to just about anything!

For those who came in late, Phil Elliott is a UK artist who has been active in the comic book industry since the mid-1970s. He launched and co-edited the Fast Fiction fanzine in the ‘80s where he introduced his bequiffed character, Gimbley. Phil was a regular contributor to the influential Escape magazine and his other work includes Illegal Alien and Bluebeard, written by James Robinson; Lucifer with Eddie Campbell; writing Absent Friends for Paul Grist; Tupelo with Matt DeGennaro; The Real Ghostbusters and illustrating Glenn Dakin’s Greenhouse Warriors, Mr Night and The Rockpool Files.

A fantastic and inventive comics creator, as STUFF clearly indicates, you never know quite what to expect from Phil – and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Check out Phil’s official web site for contact information to buy, er, STUFF, commission a drawing and more at

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