Greg Rucka, Michael Lark Go Virtual for Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2021

Two international guests of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2021 will now be making exclusive virtual appearances over its weekend of comic panels, workshops, exhibitions and much more in October, in Kendal, Cumbria. 

Greg Rucka
Greg Rucka

American comic writer Greg Rucka has, regrettably, had to cancel his physical visit to the UK, and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (15th – 17th October) but will still be making a virtual appearance at the weekend-long event in Kendal, Cumbria.

The cancellation is due to personal circumstances, which mean he has some concerns about long distance travel at this time, which would potentially impact his family.

“I was genuinely looking forward to attending the show,” says Greg. “I love visiting England, and Michael Lark has spoken so effusively about you and the Festival that I was beyond excited at the thought of being able to visit a part of the country new to me, and to meet such wonderful and generous people.

“My sincerest hope is that I will be able to attend in 2022.”

Keith Burns chatting with fellow artist Michael Lark at LICAF 2019. Photo: John Freeman
Keith Burns chatting with fellow artist Michael Lark at LICAF 2019. Photo: John Freeman

American comic artist Michael Lark has also, had to cancel his appearance at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this year, due to uncertainty caused by continued surges in cases of COVID, especially the Delta variant. 

“A 10-day quarantine would be the worst outcome,” he says.

Because flights have to be booked now, he and his wife, Keli, have opted to err on the side of caution this year – but hope to contribute to the weekend-long event in other ways.

“We are, needless to say, very disappointed about this,” says Michael. “We definitely want to continue to be a part of the Festival, so if there is anything we can to help and participate from here, we would of course be happy to do so.”

“It just doesn’t seem to make sense to be travelling internationally, at least not yet.”

Greg and Michael will now be taking part in one of a number of exclusive international video presentations that will feature as part of this year’s Festival. This part of the hybrid programme will also include Sweet Tooth artist Jeff Lemire, who also hopes to be at the Festival in 2022 but is unable to attend this year due to a revised filming schedule.

• Stay tuned to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival web site for more information on the weekend’s virtual program:

Announced guests for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival are for 15th -17th October 2021 in Kendal so far, in alphabetical order, include: Charlie Adlard, Roger Beley Alonzo, Steven Appleby, Yomi Ayeni, Sayra Begum, Maria Björklund, Boulet, Neill Cameron, Kate Charlesworth, Chris Condon, Darren Cullen, Darryl Cunningham, Hugleikur Dagsson, Oliver East, Manuele Fior, Simon Hanselmann, Marc Jackson, Nicola Jennings, Olivier Kugler, Michael Lark (Virtual), Leomacs, Mike Luckovich, Jul Maroh, Vojtěch Mašek, Dave McKean, Lou McKeever (aka BlueLou), Luke McGarry, Steve McGarry, Ziki Nelson, Wang Ning, Albert Luba Ntolila, Jacob Phillips, Sean Phillips, Kate Prior, David A. Roach, Miles Ross, Martin Rowson, Greg Rucka (Virtual), Matt Smith, Rachael Smith, Glen Southern, Lucy Sullivan, Jack Teagle, Ann Telnaes, Clarice Tudor, the VIZ team and Steve Yeowell.

Exhibitors in person at this year’s Comics Clock Tower in Kendal include: 1826 Comic, Art-Bubble, B7 Media, Big Brown Eyes Collective
Bruno Stahl, Cast Iron Books, Catfood Comics, Cathy Brett, The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain, Centrala, Chris Askham, CoCo Comics, Colleen Douglas, Conundrum Press, Cutaway Comics, E Merlin Murray, the Etherington Brothers, Gold Lion Comics, Gustaffo Vargas, Hocus Pocus, Ian Sharman, Joe Latham, Kate Mia White, Kev F Sutherland, Knockabout, Lancaster University, Lewis Campbell, Madzines, Martin Simpson, Matt Simmons, Matt Smith! (Smith vs Smith), Metaphrog, Mister Hope, Moonsquid Ink, Myriad Editions, Nona Gallery, Norm Konyu, Olivia Sullivan, Peter Morey, Pitteville Press, Roger Langridge, Ronny Worsey and Brian Gorman, Schnumn, SelfMadeHero, Soaring Penguin Press, Turnaround and Woodland Creatures.

• Stay tuned to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival web site for more information on the weekend’s virtual program:

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