Doomlord’s Credit Crunch Deal

UK indie publisher Hibernia Books are selling off their remaining copies of Doomlord: The Deathlords of Nox by John Wagner and Alan Grant until Christmas at half price for only £2.50 plus £1.50 for postage.

Doomlord started life in New Eagle on 27th March, 1982 as a photo story, or fumetti as they are also known which until that time had largely been the domain of girls’ magazines.

Written by Alan Grant and John Wagner – the pair responsible for so much of IPC’s comic output at the time, including Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog – it was an immediate success. Grant and Wagner’s often brutal stories in the backdrop of suburbia in eighties Britain worked perfectly and the strip ran for three stories as photostories before being relaunched as a traditional comic strip with Doomlord: The Deathlords of Nox.

Again written by Grant and Wagner the strip was illustrated by Itialian artist Heinzl (which may have been a pen name for the itialian art agent Giolitti), who was later replaced by the legendary Eric Bradbury and became the definitive artist on Doomlord, staying with the strip until its end in 1988.

Doomlord stories have never been fully collected with the exception of a few reprints in The Best of Eagle monthlies and this collection of Deathlords marked the first time the strip had been properly collected. This half price offer is a great opportunity to treat yourself if you haven’t got one: the reviews were great.

Hibernia also has a handful of its Thirtheenth Floor collection from the pages of Scream! left (see news story) left but these are in limited supply.

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