Eagle in Portugal

… well, sort of. Thanks to a friend on a message board, we’ve come across information on this Portuguese comic, Foguetao, published in 1961, which includes strips from Eagle such as Dan Dare.

The Portuguese web site notes the title, which means “Rocket Ship” in English, was published in 1961 and ran for just 13 issues.

Contents of the first issue included Capitão Marte (Dan Dare), Asterix, Tin Tin, Sexton Blake and Blake and Mortimer — a heady mix of internationally produced comics.

The DanDare.info site has already ocated this site, and notes the first appearance of Dan in Portugal was on 6th April 1955 in issue No. 25 of a 28 page comic called Titã (Click here for more info about Dare in Portugal).

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