Druids secrets revealed in new Asterix book

A new Asterix book always attracts plenty of interest across Europe and we’re sure Secrets de druides, released this week in French, will prove no exception.

In the new story, a lightning bolt has struck at the heart of the annual druids’ conference. This usually joyful reunion with its druidical competitions and punning festival, transmitted only by druid word of mouth (“Pass me the celt!”, “This food’s a bit sickle-y!”: you get the picture…), traditionally held in the Forest of Carnutes not far from Cenabum (Orleans), is troubled this year as these eminent wise men find themselves plagued by doubt….

Just think about it: Dubbelosix, the spy-druid working for Caesar, has taken it upon himself to reveal the source of the most wonderful druidical marvels by publishing a mysterious book of magic spells stolen from ancient archives. For the very first time, Secrets de druides will explain everything you wanted to know about the magic potions in Asterix’s Adventures but never dared to ask.

This just-released, hitherto unpublished and limited edition 48-page book (French version only for the time being) will be offered at all participating bookshops for the purchase of two Asterix albums. Inside, you will discover the perfect guide for the erudite druid, with:

• Druid magic: an annotated catalogue of all magic potions from the Asterix universe

• The druids’ network, bringing together the most famous druids and their communities of friends. These pages detail the many names of the most famous druids from the Asterix mythos across Europe and beyond

• The druid’s toolkit: all the utensils you need to prepare the very best potions

Prepare for D Day by visiting the druidical version of the Virtual Village, Asterix.com. A special banner on the homepage presents Secrets de druides. And, even better, a special mini-site invites you to discover the most illustrious druids, as well as several pages from the new book and original wallpapers in “Panoramix” format.

Asterix © 2010 Les Éditions Albert René / Goscinny Uderzo

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