Etherington Brothers Exhbit in Bristol

The Ink-dot/Howies ESCAPE Exhibition, featuring a series of beautiful new limited edition prints by more than 30 of today’s best illustrators, animators, designers (and one lowly comic book scribbler, Lorenzo Etherington) opens in Bristol later this month.

It’s a show the Etherington Brothers – whose work includes The DFC, Star Wars and Transformers, tell us is set to turn your eyeballs to mush!

The exhibition opens on Thursday 17th June from 7.00pm at the Howies Gallery on Queens Road, Bristol. The show will run for two weeks, but the opening evening is the killer – the last one had queues outside all night, and was the gallery had ever hosted.

Those who saw/picked up a copy of Lorenzo’s ace Stranski print from the previous show will be pleased to hear that once again the art is being reproduced as high definition giclee prints on beautiful 315gsm 100% cotton, acid and bleach free archival quality paper.

Get your art appreciation face set to stun and join them for some fun.

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