OmniVistaScope Model 6 Now Available

The latest issue of Paul Scott’s annual Omnivistascope has been released. “Model VI” is dedicated to the memory of Patrick McGoohan and features an article by Ed Berridge on the real life inspiration for The Prisoner’s Village. The cover by Paul McCaffrey, of a human astronaut finding a desolate Martian Tripod on the surface of Mars, is inspired by the article by Jeremy Briggs on Orson Welles’ radio version of The War Of The Worlds.

However the main reason for buying OmniVistaScope is for the comic strips, mainly written by Paul Scott. The robot Rathbone returns in the forth part of ‘The Last Of The Organic Wars’ with art by Brian Coyle, Dirk Despair returns in ‘Conservatoire De La Mort Et De Paranoia’ with art by Chris Geary, while Keenan Jask is back with art by Leigh Shepard. Paul Scott also continues to affectionately send up the photo stories of early new Eagle comic with two stories of his consulting magician Warlock Holmes (and the Amazing Dr Wizard TM).

Omnivistascope Model 6 is a 100+ page, perfect bound A4 book with colour cover by Paul McCaffrey and monochrome interiors. Cost including UK postage is £6 and it is available via Paypal on the Omnivistascope website.

More details of Omnivistascope are on the OVS Facebook page.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this. 1-5 were great!

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