Omnivistascope 5 Now Available

“Omni-Vista-Scope” 1. A device upon which all things may be viewed.2. The Omnivistascope Corporation, a universal broadcaster.3. A high quality science fiction comic anthology written by Paul Scott. The latest issue of Paul Scott’s excellent annual Omnivistascope has been released…. Read More ›

In Review: Omnivistascope

The latest issue of Omnivistascope, Paul Scott’s stunning-looking SF anthology comic, was released at the Bristol Comics Expo last month but what with one thing and another — among other things, scripting Ex Astris, writing a story for an upcoming… Read More ›

Solar Wind Collected

The Bumper Book of Solar Wind, a two-volume collection of all of the issues of the award-winning and very funny Solar Wind and its equally madcap companion titles, are now available from thanks to publisher and editor Paul Scott…. Read More ›