OmniVistaScope Model VII Now Available

The 2011 issue of Paul Scott’s yearly Omnivistascope has been released. Model VII continues the A4 science-fiction anthology format of the previous issues and comes in at a whopping 114 pages, the longest issue of OVS yet.

Behind the wraparound cover by Matt Herbert are the variety of comic strips that we have come to expect of OVS, virtually all written by Paul Scott. Dirk Despair returns in three different stories with art by Chris Geary, Space Lord gets two stories with art by David Goodman, while Keenan Jask also returns with art by Leigh Shepard. Paul continues his affectionate send up the photo stories of the early 1980s Eagle comic with a three part trilogy about his consulting magician Warlock Holmes (and the Amazing Dr Wizard TM).

In addition there are a number of text articles covering everything from BBC TV’s Artemis 81 to Alan Frank’s 1970s Sci-Fi Now book.

Omnivistascope Model 7 is a 114 page, perfect bound A4 book with colour cover and monochrome interiors. Cost is £5 and it is available via Paypal on the Omnivistascope website.

More details of Omnivistascope are on the OVS Facebook page.

Paul Scott will be selling Omnivistascope at the Canny Comic Con in Newcastle this Saturday, 10 December 2011.

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