Ellis has new novel on the way

Warren Ellis, who recently swept the boards in the 20007 Eagle Awards, the writer behind Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and Marvel’s hot new Thunderbolts, has put his uniquely deranged imagination to work on a brand-new series, Doktor Sleepless, from Avatar Press this July.

He recently talked to the web site Playback about Doktor Sleepless and also about his first novel (Crooked Little Vein, due out this summer in the US from William Morrow and August in the UK from HarperCollins).

A story centring on a burned-out private detective enlisted by an army of presidential goons to retrieve the U.S. Constitution — the real one — it sounds to me that this might just be the kind of tale to get picked up as a film.

Click here to read the interview on the Playback site

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