Happy Holidays! Here’s Forbidden Planet TV’s Special Christmas Day Edition – with Dave Gibbons!

We all know about the Royal message from the Queen on Christmas Day, but Forbidden Planet TV is bringing you comics royalty today – artist and writer Dave Gibbons, talking about his childhood memories of the Yuletide season!

Forbidden Planet Tv - Christmas Day 2021 - Dave Gibbons

In this jolly, tinsel-decorated and mulled wine-fuelled Christmas Day edition of Forbidden Planet TV, host Andrew Sumner is joined on this most festive of all days by comic book royalty, Dave Gibbons, to talk about the long tradition of Christmas comics in the UK and US – and their favourite Yuletide comic books of yesteryear.

Dave is currently working on his autobiography, and reveals how much Christmas annuals iconography has impacted his own work – and that he’s found his first-ever drawing of Superman during his researches – drawn on Boxing Day, 1957!

Dave also takes us behind the scenes of his own Christmas comics: the John Constantine story “Another Bloody Christmas” and the Batman tale “Land in the Depths.”

It’s a smashing interview, so if you’re so inclined, check out what “Christmas Dave”, has to say – and enjoy a fantastic Christmas treat from the Forbidden Planet team!

• You can buy many of Dave Gibbons’ great comics from Forbidden Planet right here!

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