Friday Fun: The Legion of Super Potatoes

With all the interest in potatoes as a potentially better crop than rice in terms of round the year food source (last August, Chinese farmers were being urged to grow spuds instead of rice, for example), what better time for comic creator Martin Hand to finally find the answer to the age old question: what if the Legion of Super-Heroes were potatoes…?

Martin presents a slew of Super Potatoes on the web for your enjoyment, on his Flickr and LiveJournal sites.

• The humble spud is more drought-resistant than other crops grown in many developing countries and it would make a more practical alternative to rice, as well as wheat, although the Sydney Morning Herald reported back in January that there are concerns that potato peel often discarded during cooking creates waste rice growing doesn’t. East Timor is developing its own variety of sweet potato in response to drought concerns.

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