FTL Anthology Back for Thirds

comic_FTL03_oup.jpgOrang Utan Comics has released the third issue of its anthology title Faster Than Light, featuring the work of creators such as Ian Sharman, Valerio Giangiordano, Simon Wyatt, Ashley Soltis and Jeff Balke.

Indie publisher OUC’s flagship anthology series, FTL offers a range of quick fire stories, this time including a trip back in time to the hallowed halls of Valhalla for a twisted weird war tale and a lone teenager debating his fate with the omniscient narrator of his life’s story.

Alongside four comic strips are two prose stories, beautifully illustrated by exceptional, young photographer, Ashley Soltis.

“I’ve always loved photographs,” says Ashley on her blog, in an interview with OUC’s Managing Editor Ian Sharman. “My family has always documented life through photography and at first, that’s all I wanted to do… just take snapshots. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t as in love with it as I am now until I joined a href=”http://www.derelict-heart.deviantart.com/”>DeviantArt where I was inspired by a lot of photographers that I continue to follow to this day.”

“2009 has been a big year for Orang Utan Comics and we’re seeing the year out with some exciting new releases,” says Ian. “This third issue of FTL sees us taking some bold new steps as we begin to create a clear identity for our flagship anthology.”

• FTL #3 is currently available to order in print from IndyPlanet and also as a digital download from DriveThru Comics

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