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Here’s the latest issues of war comic Commando from DC Thomson, on sale from today, 24 September, to 7th October 2009. Commando can be ordered from your local newsagent or you can subscribe.

commando4231.jpg• Commando 4231: The King’s Cossack

(First published in Commando 2583)

• Story: Alan Hemus • Art: Janek Matysiak • Cover: Janek Matysiak

Charging across the Russian steppes with sword in hand, Major Jack Faraday was in his natural element, eager to get to grips with the enemy. But how did a British army officer come to be leading a wild Cossack squadron anyway?

Jack’s companion, Trooper Tom Tuttle, was wondering the same thing himself as he clung desperately to his saddle, too busy trying not to fall off to worry about such details as shrapnel and flying bullets!

Janek Matysiak, who illustrated King’s Cossack, is the son of long-time DCT staff artist Dave Matysiak whose output can be seen in DCT’s women’s titles and the Scots Magazine. Commando editor Calum Laird first worked with Dave when he did romance strips for Jackie.

commando4232.jpg• Commando 4232: R.A.F. Commando!

(First published in Commando 2599)

• Story: Ian Clark • Art: Gordon Livingstone • Cover: Gordon Livingstone

The wartime exploits of Britain’s Royal Marine and Army Commandos are world-famous, but the Royal Air Force had their Commando units too. These were the RAF Servicing Commandos, a highly-trained elite who served on recently-captured airfields, readying aircraft for battle, often under enemy fire… and sometimes having to fend off counter-attacks from those determined to get their old airstrips back!

commando4233.jpg• Commando 4233: Messerschmitt Storm!

Story: Alan Hebden • Art: José Maria Jorge • Cover: José Maria Jorge

In July 1939, RAF Flight Lieutenant Mike Storm was posted to Yugoslavia to instruct that country’s pilots to fly Hurricane fighters. He soon clashed with a Luftwaffe rival, Hauptmann Konrad Schwarz, an expert but ruthless Messerschmitt Bf109 pilot.

Years later, with World War Two raging, their paths would cross again. This time Mike somehow found himself flying Yugoslav 109s against their German counterparts….

commando4234.jpg• Commando 4234: Operation Steamboat

• Story: Ferg Handley • Art: Olivera • Cover: Ian Kennedy

Burma 1945: First Lieutenant Jack Hibbert had a reputation for being unorthodox, much to the annoyance of his superiors.

However, when a strategically important bridge must be secured, Jack is the one who gets the job. Will he play by the rules this time? It doesn’t look like it when he commandeers an ancient paddle steamer…

Editor Calum tells us Operation Steamboat came from an anecdote Ferg Handley came across concerning a paddle steamer in Burma which was full of Japanese soldiers. Somehow a British officer got on board by mistake, opened a door to see a group of enemy officers playing cards at a table. “Oh, excuse me,” he said, shutting the door and legging it into the night. The Japanese were so surprised there wasn’t even any shooting!

• For subscription information, visit CommandoMag, DC Thomson’s official website for the digest

• As we noted earlier this week, the next Commando reprint book from Carlton, Battle of Britain – Scramble! is due to be published at the beginning of October. Co-edited by former Commando editor George Low and current editor Calum Laird, the colection includes stories such as “Ace Without Honour”, “Island of Heroes” and “Brigand Squadron” as well as “Blind Courage”, “Fly Fast-Shoot Fast” or “Spitfire Spirit”.

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