Hide and Peek! Beano reveals the top Christmas Present Hiding and Hunting Spots

Almost half of British parents have admitted to hiding decoy presents to outwit their children in a new study from the Beano Studios – but worryingly for some, nearly two thirds of parents have confessed that they have forgotten where hidden presents are until after Christmas Day!

The Christmas issue of Beano - Issue 4014 - is on sale now

The Christmas issue of Beano – Issue 4014 – is on sale now

For those looking, under the bed, inside parents’ wardrobes and under the stairs have been revealed as hotspot areas for curious children searching for presents in the lead up to Christmas, according to the study.

Over two thirds of parents are most vulnerable to the annual present hunt when cooking dinner, and the research reveals that over three quarters of British parents say they have had to become more creative when hiding presents, with almost half deploying decoy presents in more obvious locations.

Beano Studios "Hide and Peek" Christmas Presents Research 2019

Beano Studios “Hide and Peek” Christmas Presents Research 2019

The new research of 2000 British parents and their children aged 6-14 years old reveals British houses are teeming with secretly hidden presents as parents say they have, on average, gifts squirrelled away in four different areas around their house.

Beano 4015 - on sale 24th December 2019

Beano 4015 – on sale 24th December 2019

According to kids, parents are most vulnerable to the annual hunt whilst cooking dinner, watching their favourite TV show or during morning lie-ins. 59% of kids claim they now know all of their parents’ usual hiding spots with 65% finding the stash before Christmas Day.

Perhaps harassed parents should distract them with copies of the latest Beano? Just a thought…

Although over two thirds of British children say they’re tempted to unwrap presents early, only one in ten would actually peek inside the wrapping, with the majority of kids saying they would employ simple tactics to guess what’s inside, including the classic touch test, shake test and sniff test.

Two thirds of British parents admit they’re forced to stash gifts outside the home. Top external hiding spots include: at a relative’s house, at a friend’s and at the office – whilst two per cent said they had gone as far as renting out units specifically for present storage until Christmas!

Beano 4016 - on sale 31st December 2019

Beano 4016 – on sale 31st December 2019

However, some hiding spots are evidently too good with 61% of parents saying they’ve forgotten concealed gifts only to find them months later and 28% making the ultimate blunder of accidentally throwing them away.

Mike Stirling, Editorial Director of Beano Studios, said “The annual hunt for presents is a huge Christmas tradition for kids. Finding them, squishing them and using all of their thinking power to suss out what might be inside before the final reveal on Christmas morning is all part of the fun of the holidays. The old, faithful hiding spots are not as secret as parents might think. It’s time to up your game and get creative!”

The study shows that history repeats itself as eight in 10 British parents (85%) were also guilty of searching for gifts when they were children!

Our bet is that they’re still doing it!

• The Christmas issue of BeanoIssue 4014 – is on sale now in all good newsagents and supermarkets, with a Star Wars-inspired Issue 4015 on sale on Christmas Eve, 24th December and the New Year issue, Beano 4016, on sale on New Year’s Eve – 31st December 2019 – find out more at www.beano.com

Where do you hide Christmas Presents? Have you ever forgotten? Confess below!

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